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  June 2004
ISKB, Inc, establishes a web hosting division
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ISKB Hosting provides complete solutions for putting your business online. Everything required for YOUR web presence is now available from ISKB Hosting.

Welcome to ISKB Incorporated

Reliable, Expert Information Systems and Computer Network Services for your Business

Your business has an accountant for independent financial advice and support. Who do you turn to for independent Information Systems advice, support and technology?

ISKB incorporated advises and supports businesses with issues just like yours.

Our objective is to provide professional service and quality solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.

Businesses are now 100% dependent on stable technology: When Information Systems go down staff becomes unproductive and everything stops

Too many vendors to deal with:
Independent and honest advice is critical for Information Systems investments along with stopping the finger pointing to resolve critical problems.

The business is now the data:
It must be safe, secure and always available. Planning, procedures, backup and disaster recovery are essential.

More complex networks and applications: All businesses need quality Information Systems service and support.

The basics are not always obvious: Sound procedures to protect data and stay operational need to be tailored to individual Information System configuration.

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